I was born in a small town in New Jersey, USA. I first took an interest in photography when I was 15. I quickly came to love it. I built a darkroom, rolled my own film, and processed the negatives. Around 2006 I got into digital photography, and never went back to film. I miss the old days of processing film, but it is hard to experiment, keep up, and grow as a photographer without digital.

My photographic interests include nature, portraiture, macro, landscape, street, timelapse, travel, and wildlife with a special love for photographing birds.

Along with being a photographer, I occasionally blog about photography, and teach a class or two.

I now live in Switzerland, and I wish to share the experience or feeling of being in that same spot and seeing the subject the same way I did when taking a photograph.
  In 2013, I partnered with frontofbicycle, a non-profit agency that supports professional and non-professional artists, by identifying opportunities to promote their work.
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